CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle: 2024 Review

CRBN pickleball paddle

The new CRBN Pickleball Paddle 1X Power Series is the latest and greatest in pickleball paddles from CRBN. They are building off their already great paddles, keeping them legal and compliant for tournament play, and giving us a “do it all” paddle.

If you’re looking for a paddle that has great power, spin, and control, this is a great option for you. I love when new paddles come out and see what the new improvements are. They just keep getting better and better.

In this blog post, we will review the CRBN 1X Power Series, so you can see if it’s the right fit for your game.

Let’s get into it.

What is The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle?

CRBN pickleball paddle 1X
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The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle is a game-changer. It landed itself on our best pickleball paddles for advanced players list in a solid position!

With CRBN pickleball paddles reputation for creating exceptional paddles, and the power series paddles take things to the next level with its advanced design that delivers unmatched control, power and spin.

Don’t let the name “Power Series” fool you; while it certainly offers impressive power, it doesn’t compromise on control or spin either which is great for the soft game.

The paddle’s weight distribution is perfectly balanced, allowing for quick swings and consistent contact every time.

And thanks to its superior shock absorption and ergonomic grip, you can play as hard as you want without worrying about extra shock to your hands or elbow.

This paddle has a large sweet spot, making it easier to hit the ball squarely and with power.

The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle is an ideal choice for the advanced player or a very strong intermediate player.  Think 4.0 and higher.  While a 3.5 could handle this paddle, I just think it is geared toward advanced players.

The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle is designed to help your game by providing a larger sweet spot to increase accuracy and power. With this paddle, you can hit the ball with confidence, reducing mis-hits significantly. The balance and weight distribution of the CRBN1 make it comfortable and easy to use, allowing you to take full advantage of your skills as a player.

If you’re in search of a dependable pickleball paddle that can take your game to the next level, the CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle could be an excellent choice for you.

The Weight and Balance of the paddle make it easy to control.

The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle is the perfect pick if you’re after control, spin and power during your game. Its average weight of 8 ounces makes it easy to handle, while its elongated paddle face, measuring 16.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, gives you plenty of reach when you need it most! The balance and ergonomic grip also play a large role in the paddle’s great performance!

The textured surface provides great spin on the ball, allowing you to put more spin on your shots.

CRBN 1X power series
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CRBN has built a reputation for producing pickleball paddles that deliver exceptional spin, and their latest offering, the 1X Power Series, is no different. Thanks to its textured surface, this paddle provides excellent spin on the ball, which can keep your opponents guessing and give you a competitive edge.

In fact, CRBN’s superior spin capabilities have become something of an open secret among players who want to elevate their game. And with its sleek design and eye-catching appearance, this paddle will not only help you play better but also look great while doing it!

It is a high price but for a high-quality paddle that can do it all, it’s worth it.

CRBN pickleball paddle specs
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If you’re looking for a pickleball paddle that can do it all, the CRBN 1X Power Series might be your answer. The price tag is a bit high — but don’t let that fool you. This paddle is top-tier in quality and crafted to perform at the highest levels.

With their top-of-the-line technology and materials, you know what you’re getting with this paddle — something that will take your game to the next level. After all, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in quality — and the CRBN 1X Power Series certainly fits that bill.

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What Is The Difference Between The CRBN 1X And The CRBN 2X?

The CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle and the CRBN 2X Power Series Pickleball Paddle are two of the best paddles on the market today. Although they share several common features, there are subtle differences between these two power series paddles that can significantly impact your playing style and overall performance.

  • The grip circumference on the 1X is slightly bigger at 4 1/4 in vs 4 1/8 in of the 2x.  Nothing big.
  • Paddle Weight is the same at 8 oz average
  • The width of the 1x is 7.5 inches v 8 inches on the 2X
  • The length of the 1X is 16.5 inches v 15.75 inches on the 2X
  • Handle length on the 1X is 5.5 inches v 5 inches on the 2X

That’s about it.  Each has a 14mm or 16mm option.  Same face material (Carbon Fiber), same core material, and same edge guard.

The 2X will provide a little more forgiveness if that is something that appeals to your game.

What Pros Use CRBN Paddles?

CRBNs Pro Team Consists of:

  • DJ Young (2X 16mm)
  • Vivienne David (1X 16mm)
  • Thomas Wilson (1X 14mm)
  • Alex Neumann (1X 16mm)
  • Jason Bock (2X 16mm)
  • Stefan Andren (1X 16mm)

Interested in what paddles other pros use? Check out our post here.

What is the Difference Between the 14mm and 16mm Pickleball Paddles?

This refers to the core thickness of the paddle.  The paddle’s core thickness is an important factor to consider when selecting the right equipment for your game.

A 16mm thickness will provide you with exceptional control, while a 14mm thickness will offer more power.

Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference and play style. Some players even opt to carry and use both to have a versatile set of paddles at their disposal.


All in all, the CRBN 1X Power Series Pickleball Paddle is a great addition to your pickleball gear. It has a large sweet spot and is well-balanced, making it easy to control. The textured surface provides good grip and spin on the ball, allowing you to put more spin on your shots. If you’re looking for a high-quality paddle that can do it all, this one is definitely worth the investment.

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