Joola Seneca Pickleball Paddle: Friend or Foe? Our 2024 Review

joola seneca pickleball paddles

The Joola Seneca Pickleball Paddles seem to fit nicely in this “new market” we are seeing. 

That is, a high end paddle maker like Joola, trying to build a high end paddle at a lower price point.  A lot of times what we see on the lower end price point in paddles is a subpar paddle. 

Don’t get me wrong.  You can get some great paddles at a great price.  We have an awesome list of the best pickleball paddle sets under $100.  On this list you get complete sets of either 2 or 4 paddles and sometimes balls as well for under $100.  There are some nice paddles on that list. Check it out.

But back to my post here…We know Joola as one of the biggest and best pickleball paddle makers in the game now.  And, some of the absolute best in the game trust them with their paddle like world number one Ben Johns, his brother Collin Johns, Simone Jardim, and now, in big news, Tyson McGuffin

Yes, that Tyson Mcguffin.  The one who was a long time Selkirk paddle user has now made the switch to Joola! Wow.

So, it just goes to show that Joola has something going right in their pickleball paddle development, and the Seneca series shows us that they can still get it done, without having to spend $250 per paddle.

Let’s take a closer look at the Joola Seneca pickleball paddles.

What Are The Joola Seneca Pickleball Paddles?

The JOOLA Seneca series includes two types of paddles: the FDS 14 and the CDS 16. These paddles are designed for pickleball and offer different features catering to players’ needs.

  1. Seneca FDS 14: This paddle features a Fiberglass Drive Surface, which is engineered for maximum power. It is enhanced with EDGE-SHIELD technology for additional edge guard protection, strengthening the solidity of the paddle core. The paddle also includes a Response Polymer Core that offers a large sweet spot with reduced vibration, enhancing feedback, feel, and control. The FDS 14 has a paddle rating of 89 for control, 93 for power, and 90 for spin. It has an average weight of 8 oz and a paddle width of 7.9 in.
  2. Seneca CDS 16: This model is constructed with a Carbon Drive Surface, which reduces friction for enhanced control and touch. Like the FDS 14, it also features EDGE-SHIELD protection and a Response Polymer Core for a solid feel and maximum control. The larger paddle face of the Seneca series provides a bigger sweet spot, aiding in control and touch. The CDS 16’s paddle ratings are 92 for control, 89 for power, and 90 for spin. Additionally, it has a FEEL-TEC PURE GRIP for a tacky feel, optimal comfort, and increased shock absorption. It has an average weight of 8.1 oz. and a paddle width of 7.9 in.

Both paddles are designed to offer a blend of power, control, and spin, with slight variations to cater to different playing styles. The Seneca series highlights JOOLA’s commitment to providing high-quality equipment for pickleball enthusiasts​ no matter the price.

What Are The Benefits of the Joola Seneca Paddles?

Joola Seneca FDS front and back

The JOOLA Seneca paddles, including the FDS 14 and CDS 16 models, offer several benefits designed to enhance your game:

  1. Enhanced Power and Control:
    • The FDS 14 model features a Fiberglass Drive Surface, which is aimed at delivering maximum power.
    • The CDS 16 model, with its Carbon Drive Surface, focuses on reducing friction to allow for greater control and touch.
  2. Improved Comfort and Grip:
    • Both models are equipped with the FEEL-TEC PURE GRIP, providing a tacky feel for enhanced grip and longer play. This feature also offers optimal comfort and increased shock absorption, which can be particularly beneficial for players looking for a more comfortable playing experience.
  3. EDGE-SHIELD Protection:
    • The EDGE-SHIELD technology is an enhanced edge guard protection, strengthening the solidity of the paddle core. This feature helps in maintaining the paddle’s durability and integrity during play.
  4. Large Sweet Spot with Reduced Vibration:
    • The Response Polymer Core in both paddles offers a large sweet spot and is designed to reduce vibration. This results in improved feedback, feel, and control, providing optimal comfort on the court.
  5. Paddle Ratings:
    • The FDS 14 has a control rating of 89, power rating of 93, and spin rating of 90 according. to Joolas website.
    • The CDS 16 scores slightly differently with a control rating of 92, power rating of 89, and spin rating of 90.
  6. Larger Hitting Area:
    • The Seneca series paddles are designed with a larger paddle face, providing a bigger sweet spot. This feature is beneficial for improving control and touch.
  7. Design and Construction:
    • The multi-layer process in the CDS 16 combines multiple layers of carbon fiber, allowing for maximum control and touch. This carbon fiber construction contributes to the overall performance of the paddle in terms of control and spin.

Where Does The Seneca Series Fit In The Pickleball Paddle Market?

The pickleball paddle market has grown significantly over the years, with numerous brands and options available for players.

The Joola Seneca series offers high-quality paddles at a more affordable price point compared to other top models. This makes them a great option for players who want the performance of a high-end brand without breaking the bank. With endorsements from top players and positive reviews from users, the Seneca series is quickly gaining recognition in the pickleball community.

Who is Joola and How Did They Get Into Pickleball?

Simone Jardim Joola Sponsorship

JOOLA, founded in 1952 in Germany, has a rich history in table tennis. It originated from the sports department of Fr. Th. Jooss, a department store group in Landau, Germany, involved in producing table tennis tables. The brand name JOOLA combines “Jooss” and “Landau.” Over the years, JOOLA became a major player in table tennis, serving as the official table sponsor for several Summer Olympic Games, including Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, and Athens 2004.

In 2019, JOOLA was acquired by their North American partner, Sport Squad, Inc., marking a significant expansion in the North American market.

In 2022, JOOLA entered the pickleball market, launching a line of equipment including paddles, balls, apparel, and accessories. Their partnership with renowned pickleball player Ben Johns allowed them to leverage their expertise in table tennis for innovative pickleball equipment. With their global presence and reputation for quality sports equipment, JOOLA is well-positioned to appeal to both table tennis and pickleball enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the world of pickleball paddles is filled with options, each offering its unique blend of technology, design, and playing characteristics. The JOOLA Seneca series, with its innovative features like the EDGE-SHIELD protection and Response Polymer Core, stands out as a strong contender for players seeking amazing feedback with a balance of power, control, and comfort. All at a resonable price point. It is exciting to continue to watch the growth of this amazing sport!

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