The 5 Best Pickleball Machines of 2024: Ranked and Reviewed

pickleball ball machine

If you’re here, you are part of the growing number of pickleball players looking to improve their game by investing in a pickleball machine.

They’re expensive…I get it.

But if your love for the game keeps you wanting to play, then a ball machine can be a great investment.

Pickleball ball machines can significantly improve your accuracy, reaction time, and overall performance on the court. They allow you to focus on your specific needs and practice tailored drills…when you want.

Plus, they’re a ton of fun!

In this blog post, I rank and review the best pickleball machines on the market.

Each of these high end pickleball machines offer unique features and benefits that set them apart. They can shoot balls with an adjustable speed, have random oscillation (shoot them left and right), some with electronic elevation changes and more!

So, let’s dive in and see if we can find the best pickleball machine for you so you can work on your game!

First Place

Sports Tutor Plus Ultra

Pickleball Tutor Pickleball ball Machine
  • Best warranty in review
  • 6 pre-programmed drills
  • Very light machine for its capabilities
  • 65 MPH max ball speed
Second Place


Spinshot Pickleball Ball Machine
  • Highest Max speed in reivew
  • 12 pre-prgogrammed drills
  • 2-3 hour run time
  • Apple & Android App
third place

Lobster Pickle Champion

Lobster Pickleball Ball Machine
  • Highest Ball Capacity in Review
  • Best Battery in Review
  • 6 pre-programmed Drills
  • 65 MPH max ball speed
fourth place

Sports Tutor Mini

pickleball tutor mini
  • Super Light (24lbs)
  • 55 ball capacity
  • Great Warranty
  • 50 MPH max ball speed
fifth Place

Slinger Bag

Slinger Bag Ball Machine
  • Most Portable in review
  • Acts as a bag for extra storage
  • 1.5-3 hour run time
  • Port to charge Phone

What Is The Best Pickleball Machine?

Top Pick

Top Pick: Sports Tutor Plus Ultra Pickleball Machine

Pickleball Tutor Pickleball ball Machine

Top on our list is the Sports Tutor Plus Ultra. Sports Tutor is well-known for producing excellent pickleball machines, and the Plus Ultra ball machine is no exception.

It features a digital display and 6 pre-programmed drills, which makes it easy to customize your practice routine and improve your skills when you want and how you want.

pickleball tutor plus ultral digital control panel

This machine is heavy duty and also very versitile. It has three remote options so you can easily adjust settings on the Tutor Plus from anywhere on the court. The addition of random oscillation, 2-line oscillation, and electronic elevation control adds variety to your training, simulating real game situations. Really nice features!

Additionally, this powerful machine has an impressive 110 ball capacity and can fire balls at a maximum ball speed of 65 MPH. You can even set it to deliver balls with top or underspin.

The ball feed rate is adjustable from 1 to 10 seconds, allowing you to personalize the speed at which the balls are fed. Have them come quickly to simulate some real game action at the net or slow it down to really work on your form or shot placement.

The battery on the Tutor Plus is solid, lasting 3-4 hours on a single charge. Should be plenty of battery power but you never know! If you prefer extended playtime, having an extra battery is a worthwhile option.

The Tutor Plus Ultra is a heavy duty machine that comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty for the machine and a 1-year warranty for the battery. Solid warranty that is appreciated on an expensive unit.

In summary, the Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra is an excellent machine, earning the top spot on our list of best pickleball machines for good reason.


  • High-quality construction from a reputable brand
  • Digital settings and pre-programmed drills for easy customization
  • Variety of remote control options for convenience
  • Versatile features such as random oscillation, 2-line oscillation, and electronic elevation control
  • Large ball capacity
  • Adjustable ball feed rate
  • Good battery life with the option for an extra battery
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage for peace of mind


  • The Tutor Plus is quite pricey, which may deter budget-conscious players.
  • It has a noticeable weight, making it somewhat challenging to transport.
  • There is no feature for side spin shots, which would add more variety to the practice.


  • Power Source: Battery or AC
  • Wireless Remote: Yes
  • Pre Programmed Drills: 6
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Elevation: Electronic
  • Spin: Top & Under
  • Ball Capacity: 110
  • Max Ball Speed: 65 MPH
  • Ball Feed Rate: 1-10 seconds
  • Battery Life Run Time: up to 4 hours
  • Weight: 34 pounds battery model
  • Warranty: 3 years machine, 1-year battery

Second Place

Second Place: Spinshot Pickleball Machine

Spinshot Pickleball Ball Machine

The Spinshot Pickleball Machine comes in as a close runner-up on our list of best pickleball machines!

It’s a heavy duty ball machine and allows for all the usual customizations: height, direction, spin, and speed for each of the 6 sequential shots. You can even save these drills into your personalized practice routine, in addition to the 12 preprogrammed drills already included that will truly challenge you.

In fact, it offers the most preprogrammed drills of all the pickleball machines in our review!

control panel on the spinshot sports ball machine

With a speed that reaches up to 68 mph (the highest in our review), this machine provides a realistic playing experience with variable speeds that can significantly improve your game. It also has a great anti-ball jam system that works well.

While the battery lasts between 2-3 hours on a single charge (the lowest in our review), we recommend purchasing an additional battery pack if you want to extend your training sessions.

You have two options for controlling:

  • Apple or Android app as a remote
  • Or you can upgrade to the “remote watch” for an additional cost.

This allows you to adjust settings from across the court, allowing you to fully focus on your practice and not going back and forth to the machine.

use the iphone app on spinshot sports pickleball machine

In summary, the Spinshot Pickleball Machine is a reliable and customizable training partner that will help improve your pickleball game.


  • Robust performance and a wide array of customizations including height, direction, spin, and speed.
  • Ability to save personalized drills in addition to 12 preprogrammed drills.
  • Highest speed (68 mph), offering a realistic playing experience.
  • Effective anti-ball jam system for uninterrupted practice.
  • Control options via an app or an upgradable “remote watch” from the other side of the court.


  • Short battery life (2-3 hours) necessitates frequent recharges or an extra battery.
  • Remote control not standard; requires upgrading to “remote watch” at an additional cost.


  • Power Source: Internal & external battery or AC
  • Wireless Remote: Yes
  • Pre Programmed Drills: 12
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Elevation: Yes
  • Max Ball Speed: 68 MPH
  • Ball Feed Rate: 1-10 seconds
  • Battery Life Run Time: up 2-3 hours
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years machine, 3 month battery

Third Place

Third Place: Lobster Champion Pickleball Machine

Lobster Pickleball Ball Machine

Ranked third on our list is the Lobster Pickleball machine!

Lobster is well-known for having an exceptional tennis ball machine, and they have now applied their expertise using the same functionality to design top-notch pickleball machines.

As pioneers in this field, they have effectively transferred their knowledge from tennis ball machines to a great pickleball version. Lucky us!

The Lobster Machine excels in every aspect. It offers the flexibility of using either a rechargeable battery or AC power. It has a user-friendly LED digital display so you can easily customize and control the six preprogrammed drills to suit your training needs. These diverse drills simulate real game scenarios so can be prepared for your next match!

Similar to other products, this Lobster machine delivers top and under spin, as well as side-to-side sweeping functionality. This machine shoots balls at speeds up to 65mph, making it a great machine suitable for players of all levels.

You can really customize your training routine with the electronic elevation control and two-line oscillation features.

The Lobster pickle ball machine offers two remote control options:

  • The first is an app compatible with Apple devices
  • The second is a remote control provided by Lobster Sports for non-Apple users.

Regarding the battery, you have two power options:

  • An internal built in battery
  • External rechargeable battery

The internal built in battery is integrated within the Lobster machine, requiring you to bring the entire unit for charging.

However, with the external battery, you can detach it and conveniently charge it separately, allowing you to keep the pickleball machine on the court if desired. This provides excellent flexibility. Plus, the battery is an impressive 4-6 hour run time so you can have nice long practice sessions.

With a large ball capacity of 135 balls (the highest among our reviewed machines), you won’t waste time retrieving and reloading balls throughout the day.

Additionally, the Lobster machine allows you to train at your own pace with its adjustable feed rate of 2-9 seconds. It accepts both indoor or outdoor balls, enabling you to practice in various settings.

Rest assured, the Lobster Pickleball Machine is backed by a solid 2-year warranty for the machine and a 6-month warranty for the battery. While not as extensive as other pickleball machines on our list, it still offers reassuring coverage.


  • Flexibility to use either a rechargeable battery or AC power.
  • Offers six preset drills simulating real game scenarios.
  • Delivers top and underspin, as well as side-to-side sweeping functionality.
  • Electronic elevation control and two-line oscillation features to enhance training.
  • Impressive battery life run time of 4-6 hours.
  • Generous ball capacity of 135 balls, the highest among reviewed machines.
  • Accepts both indoor and outdoor balls.


  • The warranty is not as extensive as other ball machines on our list, potentially causing concerns about long-term reliability and value.
  • Just a little clunky


  • Power Source: Internal or External Battery
  • Wireless Remote: Yes, 2 options
  • Pre Programmed Drills: 6
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Elevation: Electric
  • Spin: Top & Under
  • Ball Capacity: 135
  • Max Ball Speed: 65 MPH
  • Ball Feed Rate: 2-9 seconds
  • Battery Life Run Time: 6-8 hours on the external battery pack
  • Weight: 44 pounds with the battery model
  • Warranty: 2 years machine, 6 month battery

Fourth Place

Fourth Place: Pickleball Tutor Mini Pickleball Machine

pickleball tutor mini

The Pickleball Tutor Mini is a really nice, convenient pickleball machine designed to improve your game without all the bulk. The other machines on our list are bigger than this While it is a small unit and very portable machine, it still has a ball capacity of 55 and can shoot balls at speeds up to 50 mph, offering a variety of drill options.

It’s available only as a battery-powered version which is still good. If you prefer using AC power, you can buy an external adapter. You can choose between an oscillating or non-oscillating machine. Weighing just 24 lbs, this pickleball machine is highly portable with its small machine dimensions.

size reference of tutor mini
Size reference of the Mini!

It has a manual elevation adjustment to tailor your practice for different shot types, from lobs to ground strokes. The ball machine itself comes with a 3-year warranty, and the battery has a year-long warranty.

The rechargeable battery provides approximately 3 hours of playtime, which can be extended with a battery pack. Overall, the Pickleball Tutor Mini is an excellent choice for individuals looking to enhance their game independently, no matter where they are.


  • Ball capacity up to 55 pickleballs and launch them at speeds up to 50 mph
  • Available in both oscillating and non-oscillating versions
  • Lightweight (24 lbs) and highly portable
  • Allows manual adjustment of elevation for tailored practice
  • Comes with a 3-year machine warranty and 1-year battery warranty
  • Rechargeable battery provides approximately 3 hours of playtime


  • Only available as a battery-powered version, requiring purchase of an external adapter for AC power usage.
  • Absence of automatic elevation adjustment might limit the variety of drills.
  • Speed limitation up to 50 mph might not provide an adequate challenge for advanced players.


  • Power Source: Battery with optional external ac adapter
  • Wireless Remote: Yes
  • Pre Programmed Drills: 12
  • Oscillation: Yes- optional
  • Elevation: Yes- manual
  • Max Ball Speed: 50 MPH
  • Battery Life Run Time: up to 3 hours
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years machine, 1 year battery

Fifth Place

Fifth Place: Slinger Slam Pack Pickleball Machine

Slinger Bag Ball Machine

We love the portability of the Slinger Pickleball Bag & Oscillator! This ball machine option is super convenient and easy to transport, weighing only 42 lbs.

It has a user-friendly handle and roller duffel design, making it easy to transport to and from the pickleball court. Plus, it’s a compact and simple machine that can fit in your car easily.

Setting up the Slinger on the court takes just a few minutes. The machine offers lots of customization with adjustable speed (10 to 45mph), frequency, height, and spin settings.

The Slinger Bag is versatile, functioning as a storage bag for up to 120 pickleballs and even has space for court accessories like shoes and extra apparel. It even has a phone charging feature!

The Slinger Bag includes an oscillator, camera holder, telescopic ball tube, remote control, and power charger, making it a cost-effective option suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. It offers great value.

While it may not be as fancy as some other models, it’s important to remember that this is a ball machine in a bag. We appreciate its simplicity, which is perfect for those who need frequent transportation and easy setup. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this is the ball machine for you!


  • Highly portable due to its lightweight (42 lbs) and roller duffel design.
  • Multifunctional, serving as a storage bag with ball capacity for up to 120 pickleballs and additional court accessories.
  • Includes a phone charging feature for added convenience.
  • Comes with an oscillator, camera holder, telescopic ball tube, remote control, and power charger.
  • Provides excellent value, suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Its simplicity and ease of transportation make it ideal for those who frequently travel to play.


  • Limited ball top speed of up to 45mph may not provide a sufficient challenge for advanced players.
  • Reliance on a power charger may limit its usability in locations without a power source.
  • Its simplicity, while a pro for some, could be a con for players seeking more complex features and customization options.


  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Wireless Remote: Yes
  • Pre Programmed Drills: No
  • Oscillation: Yes
  • Spin: Top and Under
  • Ball Capacity: 120 (however the only recommend 72 for best performance)
  • Max Ball Speed: 45 MPH
  • Battery Life Run Time: 1.5-3 hours
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year

Coming soon to our list will be the Erne Pickleball Machine and the Simon X pickleball machine! Check back for details soon!

How To Choose The Best Pickleball Machine?

Pickleball ball machines have a lot of different options to them so it’s important to get a good understanding of what it is you are looking for.

Plus, they are not cheap so you want to make sure you are making the right investment!

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when shopping:

Ball speed

Varying ball speeds can help you prepare for different playing styles and conditions during a match. Beginners may need a slower speed at first and can increase as they progress. Having a high top speed can help as you progress in your game.

Ball Capacity

Constantly having to reload can really slow down your practice sessions so having a large capacity is a plus! Spend more time hitting than chasing balls! Playing time can be limited so we want to maximize it!

Spin Capabilities

Adjustable spin settings can help you train for different spin types like top spin, backspin, or sidespin. All important aspects of being a good pickleball player. Spin can


Oscillation is one of the important add ons because it allows the machine to randomly distribute balls across the court to the left and right, simulating game-like situations. This helps players practice their footwork, positioning and reaction time in a more realistic way. You can even set it up to have two players practice on one side of the court.

Programmable drills

A pickleball machine with programmable drills is important because they allow players to customize and save their own practice routines. With programmable drills, players can simulate specific game scenarios, focus on specific shot types or improve their weaknesses.

Remote Control Options

A remote control is important because it allows players to adjust settings and change drills without having to go to the other side of the court to the pickleball machine. This saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on your training.

Battery Life

Of course, the battery is important as it determines how long the ball machine can operate before needing to be recharged or replaced, affecting training sessions and flexibility. Some can have a life up to 4 hours which is great.


The warranty provides assurance that the product is of good quality and that the manufacturer will stand behind the product in case of defects or malfunctions, giving peace of mind to the buyer.


Price is an important factor to consider when choosing a pickleball machine as it determines the affordability of the product, and whether or not it is worth investing in for one’s training needs and budget. The good news is, we are seeing different price levels enter the market so this can help you with additional options.


Weight determines the portability, ease of carry for transport, and stability of the pickleball machine during use. If you will be carrying the entire machine often, keeps this in mind.

By keeping these factors in mind and doing your research before making a purchase, you’ll be able to find the perfect pickleball machine for your needs. With consistent practice using the best pickleball ball machine, you can improve your skills and take your game to the next level.

What Else Do I Need?

Don’t forget the balls! We hear this all too often! You order the ball machine and you’re super excited when it comes only to realize you need more balls too! We put together a list of the best pickleballs to help you out!

Onix Dura Fast Pickleballs
You will need lots of balls

After you get your pickleball machine (and your pickleball paddle of course) and all your balls you are ready to go…but remember, once you start crushing those balls as they come at you, you will need to pick them up and reload! Well, we have a list of pickleball hoppers to help you out!

OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60
Ball Hopper to pick them all up!
  • Machine: ✔︎
  • Balls: ✔️
  • Hopper: ✔️

Now it’s time to have some fun! And of course you want to look good doing it so grab a new pair of pickleball shoes and hit the court!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a pickleball machine?  

A pickleball machine can be beneficial for those who wish to practice their skills outside of regular play, work on specific drills, or enhance their overall game without depending on the availability of a practice partner.

Are pickleball machines suitable for beginners? 

Absolutely! Most machines offer adjustable settings, which means beginners can set them to slower speeds and simpler patterns. As the player’s skill level increases, the machine’s settings can be adjusted accordingly.

Can I use regular tennis balls with my pickleball machine? 

No, pickleball machines are designed specifically for pickleball balls, which are smaller and lighter than tennis balls. Using tennis balls could damage the machine or cause it to malfunction.

Is it challenging to set up and transport a pickleball machine? 

Most machines are designed for easy setup and portability. They often come with wheels and handles for convenient movement. Nevertheless, some heavier models might require more effort or an additional person to move.

Can I use the machine outdoors in any weather?

While many machines are designed to be weather-resistant, it’s always a good idea to avoid using them in wet conditions. Always check the user manual or manufacturer’s recommendations regarding weather conditions.

How often should I maintain my pickleball machine?  

Routine maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for any worn-out parts, should be done after every few uses. This ensures the machine functions efficiently and lasts longer.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when using a pickleball machine?  

Always ensure the machine is on stable ground before use. Stay clear of the ball exit point when the machine is on. If children are using or around the machine, they should be supervised. Additionally, remember to wear protective eyewear to prevent potential eye injuries.

Can I use a tennis ball machine for pickleball practice?  

While tennis ball machines and pickleball ball machines serve a similar purpose, they are designed for different ball sizes and weights. Tennis balls are larger and heavier than pickleball balls.


In conclusion, the best pickleball ball machines can be a great investment for your training regimen. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or master that cross court dink, finding the best machine to match your needs will help you improve your DUPR!

Pickleball machines can be a great practice partner so take the time to find the right one!

With consistent practice using this tool, you will soon see improvements in your drives, dinks, and all shots in between!

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