17 Reasons Platform Tennis Beats Cabin Fever This Winter

platform tennis

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play this winter, platform tennis is the perfect sport for you!

Platform tennis (sometimes just called paddle) is a fast-paced game that will get your heart rate up in no time. And since it’s an outdoor racquet sport, you’ll get to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery while you play.

Best of all, it’s a lot of fun. You’ll be laughing and joking with your friends while you hit balls back and forth across the net.

It really is the perfect cold weather sport. It’s great exercise, it’s fun, and it can be played in just about any weather.

So don’t worry that your pickleball court will soon be covered with snow, paddle is here to keep you going during the winter.

Here are 17 reasons you need to play this winter!

17 Reasons to Play Platform Tennis This Winter

1. It is a great way to stay active during the winter months.

Platform tennis is the ideal way to stay fit and active during the winter months. Not only does it require a lot of physical effort, but you can still break a sweat even in the coldest of temperatures! It’s an excellent choice for regular tennis players looking to maintain their fitness regimen throughout the winter.

2. It is a great social activity – playing with friends is half the fun!

Platform tennis is an incredibly social sport, perfect for anyone looking to make new friends. Whether you join an existing game with your family or friends, or head to the club or court and meet some new faces, there’s always someone to introduce yourself to. It’s a great way to stay engaged and make lasting connections.

3. Playing can help relieve stress

Platform tennis is the perfect way to take a break from daily stressors. It’s an incredibly fun and relaxing sport that will not only leave you feeling more relaxed, but also in better spirits. Playing paddle is an excellent reprieve from the everyday grind, helping you stay in control of your mental health.

4. The “After Party”

Playing platform tennis is great…and so are the parties! You will see why this game is so much fun on and off the court!

5. You’ll get a great workout

Platform tennis is a great way to get a full-body workout. The game requires you to use your arms, legs, and core muscles, all of which will get a good workout as you play.

6. It can be played in any weather condition, so you never have to worry about the weather impacting your game.

Platform tennis can be played all year round, making it a great game for all weather conditions. All you need is some platform tennis paddles and a ball; find a platform tennis court and you’re good to go!

7. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, so you can always be improving your skills.

Platform tennis is a relatively easy racquet sport to learn. The basic rules and scoring method are simple, and you can pick up the game quickly.

8. The game can be played at any age and skill level, so everyone can join in on the fun!

Platform Tennis is a sport for everyone! No matter your age, you can still have fun playing this exciting game.

9. You can Be on a Team

team winning

Platform Tennis is perfect for team play – it’s not just about competing for yourself, but about competing for your team too! One of the best parts is watching and cheering on your teammates during a match – that’s where the real fun comes in!

10. Platform tennis is relatively inexpensive to get started, so it’s a great option if you’re on a budget.

Paddle is an affordable game that doesn’t require any expensive equipment – all you need are a paddle and a ball, both of which are relatively inexpensive.

11. It’s good for your heart health

heart health

Platform Tennis is a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health – it’s a great workout that helps you stay fit and healthy!

12. It improves your hand-eye coordination

Platform Tennis is an excellent way to sharpen your hand-eye coordination skills – it requires you to hit the ball with precision, so having good reflexes and accuracy is essential to being successful at the game.

13. Platform tennis is a great way to improve your mental health.

mental health

Platform Tennis is an amazing way to boost your mental health – it’s a high-energy game that gets you moving, and getting your blood pumping can help to clear your mind and relieve stress.

14. Platform tennis is a great way to bond with friends or family members.

Platform Tennis is a great way to bond with family or friends – it can be played in teams of two or four, so it’s easy to find someone to get a game going.

15. Platform tennis requires quick reflexes and sharp hand-eye coordination, so it’s a great way to improve your coordination skills.

Playing can be an effective way to improve your balance, coordination, and even visual accuracy. You need to hit the ball with a paddle, making sure that your hand and eye movements are coordinated in order for you to succeed. This game can help train your motor skills and reaction time in an entertaining fashion.

16. The game is very competitive, so you can always test your skills against others.

Platform Tennis is a sport that can offer an intense level of competitiveness. From beginners to more advanced players, the game has something for everyone. Whether you choose to take on rivals of similar skill level or test yourself in tournaments, there are plenty of ways to get involved. For more information, head over to the American Platform Tennis Association!

17. Playing platform tennis is just plain fun – there’s no other sport quite like it!

There are many reasons why it is so much fun. It’s high-energy and requires quick reflexes and sharp hand-eye coordination. It’s also a great way to get a workout, relieve stress, and bond with friends or family members. Plus, it can be competitive and challenging, which makes it all the more fun to play. If you’re looking for a new sport to try this winter, platform tennis is definitely the way to go!

Where Did Platform Tennis Begin?

Platform tennis is thought to have originated in 1928. It is believed that the game was first played at Fox Meadow Tennis Club.

Do You Play on a Tennis Court?

Platform Tennis Court

While tennis and platform tennis may look similar, they are far from the same. Platform tennis courts are typically much smaller than traditional tennis courts, surrounded by a chicken wire fence and heated to ensure playability during cold temperatures or inclement weather. The surface of a platform tennis court is also distinctively different than that of a traditional court.

Is Platform Tennis and Padel Tennis the same?

Platform tennis and padel tennis have notable distinctions between them, making them distinctly different. For starters, the court size varies in size between the two sports – platform tennis may be slightly larger than padel. The types of paddles used also differ – a platform player will wield a shorter, heavier paddle whereas a padel player uses a long-handled paddle with an attached tin or plastic guard. Lastly, when it comes to serving, there are additional differences too. Padel requires players to use a low pressure tennis ball while platform tennis involves using a spongy rubber ball.

What about Paddle Tennis? Is that the Same?

Platform tennis and paddle tennis may look very similar, but they are not the same. The main difference lies in the serve – while it is possible to make an underhand serve in platform tennis, that is not allowed in paddle tennis. Additionally, while paddle tennis can be played indoors or outdoors, platform tennis is only enjoyed outside on a raised platform enclosed court.

Is it Deck Tennis?

Nope. Not that either. Deck Tennis is a variation of platform tennis that is typically played on deck or patio. It originated on the deck of cargo or passenger ships played by mariners.

When Do You Typically Play?

Platform Tennis is played year-round, but it is typically most popular in the winter months. If you’re looking for a new sport to try this winter, platform tennis is definitely the way to go!

Of All The Racquet Sports, Which Is The Best?

With so many racquet sports to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one! Each sport offers its own unique set of benefits and qualities.

For instance, tennis is great for socializing with other players, while racquetball is a great competitive option.

Pickleball has become increasingly popular too, thanks to its fun factor.

Platform tennis combines the social aspect of tennis with the competitive edge of racquet sports—plus it’s usually an outdoor activity even in wintertime! The key is to find a sport that best suits your lifestyle and interests.

And don’t forget about TouchTennis!


Platform tennis is an amazing way to get some impressive full-body exercise. Not only do you get to use your arms, legs and core muscles, but you can also play regardless of the weather conditions. Paddle is easy to learn yet hard to master, so you are always challenged and improving your skills. What’s more, it’s suitable for all ages and skill levels, plus very affordable – perfect if you’re on a tight budget. Plus, it promotes a healthy heart and hones hand-eye coordination skills while being great for your mental wellbeing too! Even better than that, platform tennis is simply enjoyable – there’s no other sport quite like it!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend or two and find the nearest Platform tennis court today! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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