The Best Pickleball Ball Hoppers: Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

pickleball ball hopper

If you are out practicing pickleball a lot, a pickleball ball hopper can be a super helpful piece of equipment. It can really speed up your practice session so you can get more done in less time.

Often times, it’s the little things that make a big difference, like a ball hopper!

Pickleball ball hoppers can be great for beginners who are really working on their skills, a coach who teaches pickleball, or just someone who loves playing and goes out and practices by themselves or with a pickelball machine.

Having the best pickleball ball hopper can really improve the effectiveness of your practice sessions making those annoying pickleball pick ups easy as can be!

In this blog post, I will list the top 3 pickleball ball hoppers (plus a bonus pick at the end!) available on the market and talk about their key features, and how to choose the perfect one to match your needs.

So, grab your paddle, and let’s get started on our list of the best pickleball ball hoppers.

What is the Best Pickleball Ball Hopper?

Best Choice

Tourna Pickleball Deluxe Caddy

tourna deluxe pickleball ball hopper

Super lightweight and durable. Easy to use and good capacity!

runner up

OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60

OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60

High capacity, great build and construction.

Thrid place

ELKCIP Ball Hopper

ELKCIP ball hopper

Small, compact and easy to transport. Smaller capacity.

Bonus pick

Gamma EZ Travel Cart

gamma ez travel ball hopper cart

Perfect for dumping all your balls into after picking them up for higher capacity practice sessions.

First Place: Tourna Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels

tourna deluxe pickleball ball hopper

We really like that the Tourna Deluxe Pickleball Caddy is designed specifically for pickleball. it simple and effective. Nothing too fancy here and we like that.

Its ability to pick up both indoor and outdoor balls is really nice because sometimes you may be indoors or outdoors. It can hold up to 48 pickleballs.

The wheels are great and it makes this hopper really easy to move around for you pick ups. Its super lightweight and weighs in at only 4.5 pounds! Even though its super light, it’s still incredibly durable, thanks to its polypropylene construction.

It has a patented locking system which I thought was really nice. The legs snap securely in place when you stand it up so its nice and stable and secure.

The top bars function as a lid and close tightly, securing the balls in position while being transported.

The Tourna Deluxe Pickleball Caddy overall is a great, simple ball hopper. There were a few times where getting the balls in was a little bit of a challenge but that could be user error of maybe the balls were out of round.

tourna deluxe pickleball caddy
Photo: Pickleball Central

In conclusion, its lightweight and durable. Super easy to use. Wheels are great. A very solid pickleball ball hopper.

Runner Up: OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60

OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60

The OnCourt OffCourt Picklehopper 60 is also super easy to use thanks to the EZ glide bars that make pickleball pick ups a breeze. Whats even better is that it can hold up to 60 balls! Load up that pickleball machine without worry of having to pick up balls all afternoon!

The ability to pick up all types of pickleballs (indoor and outdoor) is another feature that was key.

While the price tag may be slightly higher than other options, the quality speaks for itself. Its very durable and well designed.

oncourt offcourt pickleball ball hopper

No tools needed to put this toghether. It has easy grip knobs which make setting it up super easy. This is great so we can set it up and get practicing right away!

While this hopper may have ranked second on my list, it’s still an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use caddy. It has a large capacity, quality build, and won’t let you down.

Third Place: ELKCIP Ball Hopper

ELKCIP ball hopper

Third on our list is the ELKCIP Pickleball Ball Retriever. This hopper is perfect for those who want small and compact! Maybe a small trunk or you walk to the court, this is the ultimate portable hopper.

It is small but effective. Fits only 16 pickleball balls but for those who are just doing some drills or a simple warm up on their own, it is easy and simple.

a rack of pickle balls

This hopper requires no assembly. Simply unpack it, and you’re ready to go! Love that.

If you need an easily portable hopper, have limited storage at home, or a small vehicle, this is the hopper for you.

However, the trade-off for its compactness is a smaller capacity which we mentioned, as it can only hold 16 balls. This makes it better suited for short drills and practice sessions, rather than extended training.

It’s worth noting that you do need to apply a bit of pressure to push the balls in, which may take some getting used to.

Other than that, a nice simple ball hopper at a great price.

Bonus Pick:  The Gamma EZ Travel Cart

Here is my go-to combo. I like the Tourna Pickleball Deluxe and use it alongside the Gamma EZ Travel Cart. A winning combo.

I can pick up a couple loads of balls with the Tourna and dump them into the Gamma EZ travel cart basket because it can hold even more pickleballs than just the hopper. More time practicing and fewer pickleball pick ups!

gamme pickleball ball hopper

Hopper bags are nice and I really like this one. This baby can hold up to 150 balls! That is a lot of balls! For those with a pickleball machine this is the way to go! You just need to get all those pickleballs!

This is really easy to set up and take down. You can fold up the empty bag too. It even comes with a carrying bag to add to its convenience and portability.

How to Choose the Right Pickleball Ball Hopper

colorful pickleballs

You’ve decided that you need a pickleball ball hopper…how do you find the right one? Here are a few tips:

Determine Your Needs

Consider your specific needs. Do you play alone, practice drills with a partner, use a coach or a pickleball machine? Do you need a large capacity? Portability or doesn’t matter? All these will help you determine which is the right unit for you.

Evaluate Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are of course very important. We don’t want a cheap hopper that breaks or doesn’t get the job done. Look for pickleball ball hoppers made from sturdy materials like steel or high-density plastic that can withstand regular use and poor weather conditions for those of you who are ultra dedicated to your practice sessions!

Consider Additional Features

Beyond basic functionality, some pickleball ball hoppers come with additional features like adjustable handles for comfortable carrying or stands for easy access during play. Some even have locking lids to secure balls when not in use. All very nice features.


In this post, we’ve explored the top three pickleball ball hoppers on the market, plus an additional bonus pick with each offering unique features and benefits to suit your playing needs.

Choosing the right one can make all the difference. Pick ups will be more efficient and enjoyable, which will keep you out there playing and practicing more which is what we want!

We hope that our reviews and insights have provided you with valuable information to guide your decision-making process. Remember, the best pickleball ball hopper for you is the one that meets your individual needs and enhances your practice sessions.

Happy playing!

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