Getting To Know TouchTennis: A Rapidly Growing Sport (2024)

what is touchtennis?

Curious about TouchTennis? Well, it’s this cool sport that puts a fun spin on tennis and brings in some awesome elements to create a social and inclusive environment.

TouchTennis is really catching on and being played in over 30 countries worldwide.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into “what is TouchTennis” and trace its humble beginnings in a back garden to where it stands today.

So, let’s jump right in!

What Is TouchTennis?

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TouchTennis is like a scaled-down version of tennis that brings all the excitement of the sport to a more accessible and social setting. You play it on a smaller court with a lowered net and use foam balls, so it’s all about touch and timing rather than power and speed.

What’s cool is that you can play it anywhere, from your backyard to a public park! It’s fast-paced, thrilling, and easy to learn, making it perfect for both seasoned tennis players and those new to racket sports.

The best part? TouchTennis is all about having fun, being inclusive, and simply loving the game.

Origin Of TouchTennis

In 2002, Rashid Ahmad, a huge tennis fan, wanted his daughter to enjoy the game, so he came up with this brilliant idea of creating a smaller version of tennis in their backyard. They made a smaller court, used foam balls, and had rackets. And just like that, TouchTennis was born!

Little did Rashid know that the game he invented for his daughter would become a global sensation, embraced by over 30 countries across the world. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a big impact, right?

The Allure of TouchTennis: Why It’s Gaining Popularity

Touch tennis is gaining popularity because it’s super fun to play and has a great mix between the social aspect and the competitive aspect. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment and can be played practically anywhere, from parks and schoolyards to city streets and backyards. That’s what makes it so accessible and appealing to people of all ages and fitness levels.

And let’s not forget about the strategy and placement involved in the game, which makes it inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. It’s not just about competition; it’s about having a good time and connecting with others.

The matches are quick and exciting, so you can play more in less time. That’s why TouchTennis is becoming a favorite pastime worldwide. It’s a sport that welcomes beginners and experienced players alike, and it’s even attracted the attention of notable athletes and celebrities.

A Sport For Everyone

One of the greatest things about touch tennis is that it’s a game for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. From kids to older adults, anyone can join in and have a blast playing. TouchTennis not only promotes good sportsmanship, but also helps improve hand-eye coordination, gives you a great workout, and creates a fun and social atmosphere.

Social and Competitive Aspects

TouchTennis is such an awesome sport. It’s got this perfect mix of social and competitive vibes that just keep making it more and more popular.

And from a social standpoint, it’s amazing how it brings people together. The smaller court size actually encourages players to interact and chat during the game, which creates this really cool and friendly atmosphere. A lot of players even form clubs or groups, organizing matches and events on the regular, which totally strengthens those social bonds and networks. It’s just all-around awesome!

On the competitive side, TouchTennis is just as thrilling. It’s a sport that requires strategy, skill, and precision, making the matches intensely engaging. Instead of relying on pure power, players have to use their mental acuity to strategically place the ball and outmaneuver their opponent. Plus, there are regular tournaments and competitions where players can show off their abilities, compete for rankings, and get recognized in the TouchTennis community.

This perfect blend of social connection and competitive gameplay is what sets TouchTennis apart, making it a top choice for sports enthusiasts all over the world.

Essential TouchTennis Equipment: What You Need to Play

To get started in TouchTennis you’ll need some basic equipment. You’ll need a racket, foam balls, and a net with a smaller Court setup.


touchtennis racket

TouchTennis racquets are smaller than traditional tennis racquets, with a length of only 21 inches. Despite their reduced size, they are designed to ensure optimal performance on the condensed TouchTennis court. These racquets are lightweight and easy to handle, making them perfect for quick volleys and precise shot-making. Paired with the foam balls used in TouchTennis, these racquets enable players to focus more on strategy and control than on power.

Foam Balls

touchtennis balls

TouchTennis foam balls:

  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Manufactured with pure-cut foam material
  • Slightly larger than red tennis balls
  • Designed to withstand heavy striking while adapting to the compact court dimensions

If official TouchTennis foam balls are not available, regular tennis foam balls can be used instead. This alternative won’t affect the gameplay quality at all.

Nets and Court Setup

The TouchTennis court setup is much smaller than a traditional tennis court, making the sport more accessible and appealing. The court measures 12m x 6m (about 39ft x 20ft), making it perfect for backyard or street play. It is divided by a net that is 80cm (approximately 31.5 inches) high at the center. This compact design focuses on strategic shot placement rather than strength and speed.

For marking the court, you can use any visible and safe material like tape, chalk, or existing lines on the ground. The smaller court size allows for flexible and creative setup options in driveways, gyms, parks, or even rooftops. The goal is to make it fun and inclusive, so the court setups are designed to be easy and adaptable to various environments.

Mastering TouchTennis Rules and Scoring

The focus on placement and strategy in touch tennis is really what sets it apart. This makes it a fun and challenging sport. The scoring system is similar to tennis but there are a few differences such as no Advantage scoring.

Basic Rules

TouchTennis is a dynamic, fast-paced variation of tennis, designed for its simplicity and accessibility. It preserves the tactical enjoyment of traditional tennis while introducing unique changes to accommodate a wide range of players. Here are the basic rules of TouchTennis:

1. Starting the Game: The game begins with a spin of the racket. This determines who will serve and who will receive first.

2. Serving: Unlike traditional tennis where players have two chances for a successful serve, TouchTennis allows only a single serve. This serve can be delivered either overhand or underhand, but it must land diagonally in the receiver’s service box. If the serve clips the net but still lands in the correct service box, it remains in play, adding an extra element of unpredictability to the game.

3. Returning the Serve: The receiver cannot volley the ball on the first return; it must bounce once in their court before they hit it back. This rule encourages longer rallies and places emphasis on placement and strategy rather than power.

4. Rallies: After the serve and the initial return, it’s open house! The players rally back and forth, attempting to outmaneuver their opponent. The rally continues until a player makes an error, such as hitting the ball out of bounds or failing to return the ball before it bounces twice.

The fundamental philosophy of TouchTennis is to make the game more accessible, while still preserving the tactical depth and excitement of traditional tennis. Its simplicity makes it a great choice for newcomers to racquet sports, but its depth keeps even experienced players engaged.

Scoring System

  • The scoring system in TouchTennis closely mirrors that of traditional tennis, with a few adaptations to suit the faster pace and compact court size.
  • A match usually consists of best-of-three sets, each set being first to 4 games.
  • Within each game, players score in increments of 15 (first point), 30 (second point), and 40 (third point). The next point wins the game.
  • TouchTennis does not use the ‘advantage’ scoring system when a game reaches deuce (40-40). Instead, the game is won outright by the player who scores the next point after deuce.
  • If sets reach a score of 4 games all, a five-point tie-breaker is played to determine the set winner.

Professional TouchTennis: Tournaments and Ranking Points

The growth and popularity of touch tennis has led it to offer a professional tour, and a ranking system as well as prize money for top players competing on tour. The Touch Tennis Tour includes Grand Slams, and Masters events, and is officially recognized by the international tennis Federation.

TouchTennis Tour

The TouchTennis Tour is like a pro circuit for the sport of TouchTennis, officially recognized by the International Tennis Federation. It’s got all kinds of events, from Grand Slams to Masters, and players can earn ranking points throughout the season to climb up in the TouchTennis global rankings.

This tour attracts top players from all over the world, giving them a chance to go for those coveted titles and prize money. It’s not just about the competition though – it’s also about spreading the love for TouchTennis worldwide!

The TouchTennis Tour is like a big party of professional TouchTennis tournaments happening all around the world every year. It brings together touch tennis athletes of different levels to show off their skills and compete for points and prize money. It’s just like traditional tennis tours, with cool events like Grand Slams and Masters. These tournaments are not just about the game, they’re also about putting on a show and getting people excited about the sport. Oh, and by the way, the TouchTennis Tour is officially recognized by the International Tennis Federation, so you know it’s legit!

Ranking Points and Earnings

In the professional TouchTennis tournament circuit, players earn ranking points based on how they perform in tournaments. These points add up over time and determine a player’s position in the global TouchTennis rankings. The higher a player ranks, the better their chances of being seeded in tournaments and avoiding early clashes with other top players.

The number of ranking points you can get depends on the level of the tournament. In Grand Slams and Masters events, there are more points up for grabs because the competition is tougher. Winning these prestigious tournaments can really boost a player’s ranking.

When it comes to earnings, professional TouchTennis players have the chance to win prize money at tournaments. The amount of money you can win depends on the level of the tournament, with higher stakes at Grand Slams and Masters events. Players who consistently perform well and rank high can earn a good income from their tournament winnings. And on top of that, professional players can also make money through sponsorships and endorsements, which can turn their skills and popularity into lucrative opportunities off the court.

Tips for New TouchTennis Players

For those new and looking to play TouchTennis, here are some useful tips to help you get started:

  1. Master the Basics: Before diving into competitive play, it’s essential to understand the fundamental rules and the unique scoring system of TouchTennis. Spend some time practicing serves, returns, and volleys to familiarize yourself with the pace and maneuverability of the touchTennis ball.
  2. Focus on Control and Placement: In TouchTennis, power is not as important as precision and control. Work on placing the ball strategically on your opponent’s side of the court to make it difficult for them to return.
  3. Stay Agile: The compact size of the TouchTennis court requires quick reflexes and agility. Keep your feet moving and stay ready to sprint towards the ball.
  4. Enjoy the Game: Most importantly, have fun! TouchTennis is about enjoying the game and the camaraderie that comes with it. Embrace the spirit of the game, and you’ll find your skills improving in no time.

Remember that improvement comes with time and practice, so don’t give up if you find it challenging at first. Stick with it, and you’ll soon be a formidable player on the TouchTennis court.


So, here’s the thing: touch tennis is an incredibly fun and exciting sport that has totally won over players from all around the world. With its cool equipment, unique rules, and a scoring system that keeps things interesting, touch tennis strikes the perfect balance between having a blast and getting competitive!

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