Selkirk LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle Review (2024)

selkirk luxx control pickleball paddle

So, when I first heard about the Selkirk LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle, with its 20mm thickness, topped off with the $250 price tag, I’ve got to say I was a little thrown off.

And then I thought about it more.

All the new paddles that were coming out were SO focused on power.  It was power, power and more power.  I think we all may have gotten a little caught up in it.

As a self described “control player”, I know I did.

So much of the game is control, with yes some speed ups and power that is needed.  But a majority, I would say, is control.

So I knew I had to get my hands on the Selkirk LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle.

And what I found out when I did was, well, let’s just say, awesome.

In this blog post, I will provide my review of the Selkirk LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle.

It was a ton of fun being able to try out this paddle and as you will see from my review, just a great playing experience overall.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is The Selkirk LUXX Control Air Pickleball Paddle?

selkirk luxx control air invikta

The LUXX Control Air has been labeled “the ultimate control paddle”.  I have to say, I agree.

Which was interesting to me since I am such a huge fan of the Power Air Invikta paddle that is known for its awesome power.

Selkirk shows in this paddle that it can really do it all.  They have heard that a majority of players are looking for ultimate control out of their paddles.

But don’t think that this paddle doesn’t have any power.  It still does.  When you need it and when you ask for it.  It’s there.

Some of this is also thanks to the Invikta shape which is an elongated paddle with the longest handle in the line up.

So they expanded the sweet spot, gave you some good spin, and the best control paddle on the market today.

A 20mm thick paddle that still has power and spin?  Yep.  I’ll explain how.

Key Features and Technologies

Aero-DuraEdge Edgeless Technology

selkirk luxx edgeless paddle

The Selkirk LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle is made with a blend of impact-resistant composites and polymer. This makes the edges of the paddle super strong and helps increase the size of the sweet spot giving you…yep you guessed it, more control.

ProSpin+ NextGen Texture

selkirk luxx texture on the face

The surface of the paddle has a special texture called ProSpin+ NextGen. This also helps with control and spin.  So being able to spin the ball and control it to where you want it is something to experience.  

CM Anti-Torque Technology

The CM Anti-Torque Technology gives the paddle a great balance between the thickness and the weight distribution. This means that the paddle feels smooth and stable in your hand, giving you, yep, more control over your shots.

Florek Carbon Fiber

selkirk luxx carbon fiber face

The Selkirk LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle is made with a special Selkirk created Florek Carbon Fiber. This carbon fiber really adds to the power and does enhance control of course.  One other thing it does it help expand the sweet spot. 

Thikset Honeycomb

The core of the paddle is made with Thikset Honeycomb.  As you could imagine, you get even more power and control. The honeycomb shape makes the sweet spot of the paddle even bigger, so you’ll have a consistent feel on every shot.

Air Dynamic Throat

selkirk luxx aerodynamic throat

As you may have seen in many Selkirk paddles, this one also has the Air Dynamic Throat. This helps air flow through the paddle and gives you better control over the ball. This means that your swing will be smooth and controlled every time.

Specs and Materials

selkirk luxx control air specs
  • Paddle Weight: 7.8 – 8.1 oz
  • Grip circumference: 4.25″
  • Handle length: 5.35″
  • Paddle dimensions: 16.45″ x 7.5″
  • Core material: 20.0mm Thikset Honeycomb
  • Face material: Florek Carbon Fiber
  • Edge technology: Edgeless 


The Selkirk LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle has been a true game-changer in the world of pickleball.  Who would’ve thought a 20mm paddle would be so awesome??  Not me I guess, but I am not surprised because Selkirk is such a great company. This paddle has quickly become a favorite among players of all skill levels. The LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle is definitely worth checking out!

Questions? We Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Certainly its the unique 20mm thick core, which is rare among pickleball paddles. This thickness, combined with Selkirk’s proprietary technologies sets it apart from other paddles with its great control, power, and durability.

Absolutely! While the LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle is designed to meet the needs of professional players like Jack Sock, it’s also an excellent choice for beginners looking to improve their game. It is a control paddle dream! The paddle’s advanced technologies and larger sweet spot make it easier to hit the ball consistently and accurately, helping players of all skill levels take their game to the next level.

The Air Dynamic Throat is a special design feature of the LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle that optimizes airflow through the paddle. This improved airflow helps to reduce drag and increases the paddle’s aerodynamics, resulting in better ball control and smoother, more consistent shots.

As of time of writing, the Selkirk LUXX Control Air Invikta Paddle retails for $250. While it may be slightly more expensive than some other paddles on the market, its advanced technologies, high-quality materials, and superior performance make it a worthwhile investment for serious pickleball players.

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