Ok, so what’s the deal with this new LIV Golf League? Is it real? Who is actually playing in this new league? Is Tiger there? How do you even pronounce LIV?

Well, we are here to help. LIV is a new professional golf league that is rivaling the PGA. It was created with the intention of modernizing and supercharging the game of golf. LIV is a Saudi-backed league with DEEP pockets. Players in LIV are offered a ton of money to join- some have said hundreds of millions of dollars. With this kind of money on the line, it’s no surprise that the LIV Golf Invitational Series is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional golf.

The format for LIV events includes 54 holes as opposed to 72 like in PGA events. LIV is also focusing on a team competition format as well as individual play.

So far, eight LIV events have been scheduled.

LIV is sure to continue to attract some of the best talent in the golf world. With the amount of money they are offering, it is making it hard for some players to not to join the LIV series. Stay tuned for more information on who will be playing on the LIV golf tour.

What is the LIV Golf controversy?

There is some controversy surrounding the LIV Tour. The concern is that the LIV is taking away from the traditional PGA Tour. They are doing this with the amount of money they are paying players for joining LIV. This leads to the other main issue.

The other main issue is that the majority shareholder of LIV is the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world and is Chaired by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is reported the fund has $600 BILLION, so plenty to keep funding the league to get players to join LIV golf. But what ties into this is the concern of human rights violations of the Saudi Government.

As of June 10, 2022, the PGA has suspended all players that are playing on the LIV Golf Series. LIV golf London at the Centurion Club had just started and all players were notified of their suspension. There is no timeline for the length of the suspension at this time.

What’s the concern all about?

There are several reasons why people are concerned about the LIV Golf Tour. The first is that LIV is offering significantly more money to players than the PGA tour. This could create an uneven playing field, and make it difficult for the PGA tour to compete.

LIV is also backed by Saudi investors, which has some people worried about the LIV Golf Tour’s motives. Some have said that Saudi Arabia is “sportswashing”, which involves using sports to help repair their poor human rights reputation. They have tremendously deep pockets and will spend what it takes. And so far they have.

Finally, LIV is focused on making golf more entertaining for fans, which some worry could lead to a decline in the quality of competition. Only time will tell if LIV can live up to its potential.

What is LIV Golf’s goal?

LIV is focused on making golf more entertaining for golf fans, and it appears they are willing to spend whatever it takes to make that happen. They already have scheduled 8 tournaments, and they are planning on adding more in the future. LIV is also backed by Saudi investors, which gives them the financial resources to make their goal a reality. Only time will tell if LIV can succeed in their quest, but they are certainly off to a good start. Stay tuned to see how the LIV Tour develops.

How is LIV Golf different from the PGA tour?

LIV is different from the PGA tour in a few ways. LIV only has 54 hole tournaments as opposed to 72 holes with the PGA tour. They also have a shotgun start and no cuts. The No cut system has brought concern that the players will not have motivation to improve or win golf tournaments.

There is a team format as well as individual competition. LIV currently has already scheduled 8 tournaments. Each of the 8 tournaments have a $25 million purse.

Are LIV Golfers Allowed to Play in the Majors?

This is something that certainly has been a topic of discussion. The PGA has said all players deflecting to LIV are suspended from PGA Tour Tournaments.

So what does that mean for majors?

To qualify to play in a major, they go by the Official World Golf Rankings. But with LIV, their tournaments currently don’t count for the Official World Golf Ranking. So that means, eventually, the LIV Golfers will not have a ranking making it difficult to play in a major.

But LIV has put in an application to the OWGR to see if they can be included in the rankings.

We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, LIV players competed in the most recent major, the Open Championship at St Andrews.

This historic event did not disappoint.

St Andrews is known as “the home of golf” and this years Open Championship (often referred to as the British Open) was even more special being the 150th and being played on the Old Course.

But even with all that, it couldn’t shake the buzz of LIV.

Cameron Smith, with an insane final round to become the Open Champion, was asked about joining LIV Golf shortly after hoisting the Claret jug.

At the end, it was a tournament to remember.

Speaking of Cameron Smith

Did Open Champion Cameron Smith just sign with LIV after winning his first major? Reports have heavily linked that the number 2 golfer in the World Rankings signed with LIV for $100 Million. Is this true??? Cameron said the team around me worries about that stuff but also said any news will come from him on his status, not anyone else. And then when asked again provided the telling “no comment” response. See the coverage and interview here.

What players have joined LIV Golf Tour?

Some of the top players and biggest names in the world of golf and some of the highest in the world rankings have joined the LIV Tour, including Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed and Phil Mickelson. Rumors have it that former Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama was offered $400 Million to join. LIV offers more prize money than any other golf tour, even if the players don’t win golf tournaments. It is reported that DJ received $125 million to join and Phil Mickelson $200 million. Staggering amounts of money.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is a professional golfer who was born in San Diego, California. He turned pro in 1992 and has won 45 PGA Tour events, including six major championships. He is one of the most popular golfers in the world and is known for his aggressive playing style. Phil has solidified his spot as one of the best in golf history.

Phil Mickelson has career earnings have been $94 Million, second to only Tiger Woods. It is reported that Phil received $200 Million to Join LIV.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is a professional golfer who was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He turned pro in 2007 and has won 24 times on the PGA tour, including two major championships. He is one of the most popular golfers in the world and is known for his powerful drives off the tee.

Dustin Johnson has career earnings in excess of $74 million dollars. He was reportedly paid $125 Million to join LIV. To put it into perspective, Tiger Wood’s Career Tour Earnings is $121 Million. It is reported that Tiger has turned down a deal to join LIV that was close to $700-800 million!

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia is one of the most well known players and a winner of 36 international tournaments and has one major championship. His career earnings are more than $43 Million and it’s reported he received over $100 Million from LIV.

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the most popular players with golf fans as of now. He has won 8 times on the PGA tour and has one major championship under his belt. Bryson is known for his HUGE tee shots and power. His career earnings have been $26 Million. It is reported he received $100 Million.

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed, who has been controversial with the game regarding rules incidents, has also signed with LIV. Reed has been at the center of attention in a few rules situations. His career wins on the PGA tour are 9 and he has one major.

Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka is a professional golfer who was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He turned pro in 2012 and has won 14 times on the PGA Tour , including four majors. He is one of the most popular golfers in the world and is known for his consistent play.

Brooks Koepka has career earnings of over $34 million. He was reportedly paid $50 million to join LIV.

Talor Gooch

Talor Gooch is a professional golfer who was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He turned pro in 2016 and has won one event on the PGA tour. He is known for his powerful drives off the tee.

Talor Gooch has career earnings of $1.2 million. He was reportedly paid $5 million to join LIV.

Kevin Na

Kevin Na is a professional golfer who was born in Seoul, South Korea. He turned pro in 2001 and has won six times on the PGA Tour, including one major championship. He is known for his consistent play.

Kevin Na has career earnings of over $40 million. He was reportedly paid $25 million to join LIV.

Who is the CEO of LIV Golf?

Former PGA tour player Greg Norman has been named the CEO of LIV. Norman is no stranger to success, and LIV is lucky to have him on board. Norman has a proven track record of growing businesses, and LIV is hoping he can do the same for them. LIV is still in its infancy, but with Norman at the helm, they have a good chance of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional golf. Stay tuned to see what Norman can do with LIV.

Who is Greg Norman?

Norman was born in Australia and turned pro in 1976. He quickly became one of the top players on the PGA tour, winning two majors and 19 tour events. Norman also had success on the European tour, winning 10 events. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001. After retiring from professional golf, Norman started his own business ventures. He has since become a successful businessman, and LIV Golf is hoping he can turn their business around. Only time will tell if Norman can work his magic on LIV, but they are certainly lucky to have him on board.

What does LIV stand for?

LIV stands for fifty-four in roman numerals. This represents the number of holes in the LIV events.

How Can I Watch LIV Golf?

LIV events will be available to viewers on LIV golf broadcast at LIVGolf.com, Youtube and Facebook.

What’s the Mission of LIV Golf?

According to its website, the mission of LIV is to modernize and supercharge the game of professional golf through expanded opportunities for both players and golf fans alike.

LIV Golf Invitational Series Tour Dates:

Liv golf invitational series events cover three continents. Seven regular-season tournaments with a season-ending Team Championship Matchplay style tournament. at the first seven events, it will be team and individual competitions. the players will compete for points and prize money. Prize money at each tournament is $25M. After the 7 events, there will be an individual champion based on points throughout the season. The last event is team competition match play.

  • London: The inaugural LIV Golf Invitational played at the Centurion Club 6/9-6/11
  • Portland: LIV makes it to the US with a stop at Pumpkin Ridge 6/30-7/2
  • Bedminster: Trump National 7/29-7/31
  • Boston: LIV Golf Invitational Boston 9/2-9/4
  • Chicago: Rich Harvest Farms 9/16-9/18
  • Bangkok: Stonehill 10/7-10/9
  • Jeddah:Suadi Arabia’s own Royal Greens Golf & Country Club 10/14-10/16
  • Miami: Season Ending Team Championship at Blue Monster, Trump National 10/27-10/30

Format and Prize Money

There are 12 teams in the team format with 4 players on each team.

The purse for each of the 8 tournaments is $25 Million.

Each event has a $25M purse. $20M of the purse is for individual play with every player receiving a piece of it. No cuts in this tour. The winner receives $4M and last place gets $120K. The last $5M goes to the team format with $3M going to first, $1.5M to second, and $500K to third.

For the overall individual competition for the season, there is $30 Million at stake with $18 Million of it going to the overall winner. Second place receives $8M and Third brings home $4M.

For the team Championship, there is $50M at stake for the 12 teams. The winning team takes home $16M with each player receiving 25% of that. Each team receives a portion of the overall with last-place team still receiving $1M.

LIV Golf Tournament Results and Prize Money


  1. C. Scwartzel (-7) $4,000,000
  2. H. DuPlessis (-6) $2,125,000
  3. T3. B. Grace (-5) $1,275,000
  4. T3. P. Uihlein (-5) $1,275,000


  • B. Grace (-13) $4,000,000
  • C. Ortiz (-11) $2,125,000
  • T3. P. Reed (-9) $1,275,000
  • T3. D. Johnson (-9) $1,275,000


  • Henrik Stenson (-11) $4,000,000
  • Matthew Wolff (-9) $1,812,500
  • Dustin Johnson (-9) $1,812,500


  • Dustin Johnson (-15) $4,000,000 (won on playoff with eagle)
  • Joaquin Niemann (-15) $1,812,500
  • Anirban Lahiri (-15) $1,812,500

Chicago (Rich Harvest Farms):

  • Cameron Smith (-14) $4,000,000
  • Peter Uihlein (-10) $1,812,500
  • Dustin Johnson (-10) $1,812,500

So Now What?

We wait and see. But we know that LIV Golf is changing the game of professional golf and in doing so offers fans and players alike an exciting new way to enjoy golf events. With huge purses and a focus on team competition, LIV is sure to shake up the world of golf.

Be sure to tune in to LIVGolf.com, Youtube and Facebook to catch all the action!
For more information visit LivGolf.com

We will be updating this post as more news breaks about the LIV Golf Tour.