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In this blog post, we take a look at the Alfa Brio from Alfa Pizza Oven. This oven is one of the absolute best pizza ovens on the market. If you are looking for an ultra-high-quality pizza oven that can give you that classic wood-fired taste, then this oven is for you.

Alfa Pizza Ovens are the top-of-the-line way to make delicious wood-fired pizzas at home. Alfa ovens have an awesome design and even better performance, which makes them the ideal choice for your outdoor kitchen.

In this review, I’ll break down what makes the Alfa Brio Pizza Oven so special and why it’s quickly becoming a popular choice for home chefs everywhere!

So let’s dive in and find out what makes this oven so special!

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What Is The Alfa Brio Pizza Oven?

Alfa Brio is one of the best outdoor pizza ovens on the market today. This Alfa pizza oven is designed to heat up so quickly so you can get cooking and more importantly, get eating those delicious pizzas within 30 minutes! 

It is a dual fuel pizza oven that allows you to cook on propane or the natural wood-fired way just like how they are made in Italy.

Alfa ovens have a patented flue system that enables the oven to retain as much heat as possible and limits heat loss significantly. Because of this, you get a perfect, consistent temperature to cook in no time. 

With its impressive heat retention and distribution, the Alfa Brio pizza oven is perfect for creating a variety of dishes from pizza to roasted meats, fish, vegetables, and more.

You have options on where to place this oven too in your outdoor kitchen which is nice so you can find the perfect spot to display this beauty. You can either place it on an existing surface you already have or mount it on the dedicated base. We like options!

How Does It Work?

The patented Alfa Flue System makes this oven distinct from other wood-burning ovens. 

The unique Flue System allows the oven to retain as much heat as possible and limit heat loss through its adequately proportioned cooking chambers. This keeps the heat trapped within it so you get to the required temperature for cooking faster.

We also really like that this is a dual pizza oven meaning it can work as a gas pizza oven or wood burning oven. This is a huge plus for the added convenience of being able to use propane to cook when you want an easy night’s cooking.

The oven still gets very hot reaching temperatures over 900 degrees! This is is the reason you can nearly cook everything in it.

Product Specifications

  • Product Line: Brio
  • Fuel: Hybrid(Gas/Wood)
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Width: 43.9″
  • Depth: 39.4″
  • Height: 30.3″
  • Number of pizzas: 3 12″ pizzas
  • Maximum temperature: 900°+ Fahrenheit
  • Colors: Antique Red and Yellow

Available in the top version, top version plus table, and top version plus base

Features Of The Alfa Brio 

Here are some of the key features of the Brio that we like:

Easy To Use

The oven is super easy to use. You really don’t need any experience for this. While it is preheating, get your perfect dough, sauce, and toppings ready. Then you just slide in the pizza using a pizza peel and keep an eye on it. Remember, this gets up to 900 degrees so it cooks fast!! Once you start to see that perfect wood-fired pizza crust char, it’s time to take it out. Can be as fast as 90 seconds!

Flue System

It’s patented Flue Gas System helps to retain heat inside the cooking chamber. The system retains the heat by limiting the heat loss. 

Because of this Flue System, you can reach those high temperatures needed for the perfect wood-fired pizza no matter the weather outside. 

Another nice plus is that the exterior is well insulated so you can touch the outer wall of the external dome of the oven without any fear of burning your hand even when the temperature is very high. 

The Base 

The black colored base is approximately 70 pounds and it has wheels at the bottom so that you can move it around fairly easily. 

There is a panel where you can keep the propane tank or wood as well.

Set Up Your Outdoor Kitchen 

It also gives you the opportunity of setting up your kitchen the way you want it. You can set it on an existing countertop surface or get the cart or base. Again, nice options. The choice is yours. 

Hybrid Fuel System

Again, we LOVE this. No matter whether you prefer to cooking in gas ovens or wood burning ovens, this oven gives you those options.

The gas stove is on the left side. You first have to turn on the pilot and then turn on the stove. Pretty straightforward like any other grill for the most part.

In the case of wood, you have to place the wood logs in the middle of the stove and light the fire. Once the logs are heated then move them to the back and make some space for the pizzas or other food you are cooking. 

Whatever fuel system you prefer, the oven will deliver perfectly cooked food in no time. 

You Cook Everything On It!

Did I mention we love options?? You can practically cook everything in this oven! Just get creative and give it a try!

Whether you want to make real Neapolitan-style pizza like they do in Italy, cook a steak, roast vegetables, or even bake bread, you can give it a try!

All you have to do is set the right temperature according to the recipes for the food you are cooking and let the magic happen with this oven. 

Assembly Guide

Assembling this oven is also super easy and there is a complete assembly video on their website. No tools required!

Assembly is fast and easy so you can start enjoying the fun of outdoor cooking!

Pros & Cons

Brio Pros

  • It can work on both gas and wood
  • Heats up very quickly through its patented Flue Gas System
  • Its alfa trolley enables one to move it around for serving food
  • Well insulated as you can touch the external dome when the inner temperature is 900° F
  • It is more than just a pizza oven as you can bake bread or roast chicken or vegetables in it
  • Good customer service
  • Transforms your entire outdoor kitchen into an amazing retreat

Brio Cons

  • Really can’t say anything I don’t like about this beautiful oven. If I had to, I would say the price is high, but this is a top-quality, next-level pizza oven so you are getting the best.

What Are People Saying – Customer Reviews

Customers who use this oven report overwhelmingly positive reviews across TrustPilot, YouTube, and other third-party websites. Not only can you make delicious pizzas, but you can also bake bread, roast vegetables, and chicken with ease. Plus, the Alfa cart makes moving the oven to wherever you need it easy.

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Final Verdict – Conclusion

In conclusion, the Alfa Forni Brio pizza oven is a wonderful top-of-the-line outdoor pizza oven. Having the ability to cook with gas or wood gives you ease of use and it’s patented Flue System helps this oven heat up quickly and maintain the right heat for cooking pizzas.

And it doesn’t end there – baking bread and roasting vegetables and chicken are all possible with this efficient pizza oven. Assembly is simple and the Alfa cart makes it easy to move around or place anywhere you want.

Overall, this is an amazing pizza oven that won’t disappoint. Alfa ovens have a great reputation and won’t let you down. If you are on the hunt for the best dual fuel pizza oven, you need to check out the Alfa! Go ahead and get it if you’re looking for a great pizza oven.

Enjoy and Happy cooking!